Operating Platforms

TVO Europe is the property services operating platform headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic trading as TVO Europe Property Services. The platform is currently focusing its energy to the Czech Republic and has previously operated in Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Russia and Ukraine. The company offers commercial and residential property management and facility management to institutional and private investors, property funds, governmental agencies, and municipalities. TVO Europe provides the operating infrastructure and support to each operating property including HR and employee benefits, IT and Management Information Systems, corporate compliance, and risk management.

TVO Capital Management is the investment advisory arm of TVO Groupe which provides the administrative and operating support for developing and acquiring income producing real estate assets primarily in the multifamily and hospitality property sector within the U.S. and to acquire income producing real estate assets in the office, retail and mixed-use property sectors within specific locales across Europe via the investment partnerships it forms to own property assets.  As a vertically-integrated organization, TVO’s respective property service entities will provide the property-related management and fiduciary services to each asset. In the U.S., TVO has historically focused on identifying high quality property assets as well as acquiring multifamily and hospitality core-plus and value-add properties throughout its approximate 35 plus year history and intends to continue that investment strategy. In Europe, TVO focuses on acquiring core-plus and value-add assets in the aforementioned property sectors.