Constitution & Core Values

TVO’s corporate constitution is to be the most recognized and respected real-estate investment and property services organization in the markets where we operate. We achieve this goal by living our core values and providing and delivering unparalleled services to our clients, tenants/occupiers, partners, and investors. We create a work environment where our employees are committed, both individually and as a team, to doing their very best and achieving exemplary results as well as producing investment returns for our investors and strategic partners that typically out-perform the market.

VISIONARY: We seek opportunities that grow and profit our clients, investors and partners. 

PASSIONATE: We always go the distance to achieve our goals, no matter what the challenge. 

CREATIVE: We are inventive every step of the way in order to add value to our clients, investors and partners. 

KNOWLEDGEABLE: We continually deliver high quality results by using the latest technology to keep our clients, investors and partners in the forefront. 

RESOURCEFUL: We quickly overcome challenges to ensure there is no time lost or failure of execution . 

EFFICIENT: We get excellent results with both expediency and advanced methodology. 

EFFECTIVE: We successfully get things done the right way with both transparency and integrity.