TVO Groupe was founded in 1983 and throughout its history was a vertically integrated international real estate investment and property services group through which its operating affiliates provided a platform of opportunities and services to its partners, investors, clients and occupiers in the United States, Europe and the United Kingdom.  TVO Groupe was commonly referred to as the “umbrella branding organization” overseeing the various activities of certain TVO affiliates and partnerships both domestically and internationally.

TVO Groupe currently has two principal operating platforms; TVO Europe and TVO Capital. Under each of these business lines are platforms which provide specific real estate-related operating and advisory services.

TVO Groupe affiliates have been engaged in investment advisory, capital formation, property development, asset management, property & facility management, construction management, and investment management.  First established as a real estate principal in 1983, TVO Groupe strategically grew to own, develop and/or manage approximately 400 properties over its history including over 50,000 multi-family residential and condominium units, as well as millions of square feet of retail, office, hospitality, industrial & logistics and medical office & specialty healthcare properties over the last 38+ years.  During this period, TVO Groupe has successfully acquired, developed and managed over $4.0 billion in real estate assets and investor’s capital in the United States and Europe.