Executive Management Team

Wayne Vandenburg
Chairman & Co-CEO

Mr. Vandenburg began his career in 1978. Over this period, he has made his mark across the real estate industry as a principal, manager, investor, developer & innovator.

Russell A. Vandenburg

Mr. Vandenburg oversees all administrative aspects of the company, including long-range planning, budgeting, personnel and property management operations.

David L. Vandenburg
Principal & Chief Investment Officer

Mr. Vandenburg is responsible for overseeing and working with the company’s property acquisition group and coordinating and evaluating market research.

Stephen Beltran
Principal & Head of Property Operations

Mr. Beltran is TVO Management Services President & Head of Property Operations overseeing both owned and fee managed properties.

Senior Management Team

Iveta Slavotinkova
Chief Executive Officer, TVO Europe Property Services

Mrs. Slavotinkova joined TVO Europe in 2009 after previous analytical, administrative & senior management responsibilities in both the private investment&government sectors.

Michal Kratochvil
Chief Financial Officer & Head of Accounting – TVO Europe Property Services & TVO Capital Europe

Mr. Kratochvil is responsible for leading and supervising the Finance and Accounting Departments for TVO Europe Property Services and TVO Capital Europe.

Lukas Brandejs
Chief Risk & Credit Management Officer – TVO Europe Property Services & TVO Capital Europe

Mr. Brandejs makes credit decisions and coordinates the collection of delinquent accounts including conditions for extending credit to owner clients and occupants.

Luigi Pereira
Chief Financial Officer

Luigi Pereira is responsible for all financial control and treasury matters.

Damien Isabella
Managing Director

Damien Isabella is responsible for the asset management and capital market operations of TVO.